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The default is to use row centering and no normalization. Note that Slater's biplot is just a special case of a biplot that can be produced using the biplotPseudo3d() function with the arguments center=1, g=1, h=1. Here, only the arguments that are modified for Slater's biplot are described. To see all the parameters that can be changed see biplot2d() and biplotPseudo3d().


biplotSlaterPseudo3d(x, center = 1, g = 1, h = 1, ...)



repgrid object.


Numeric. The type of centering to be performed. 0= no centering, 1= row mean centering (construct), 2= column mean centering (elements), 3= double-centering (construct and element means), 4= midpoint centering of rows (constructs). Slater's biplot uses 1 (row centering).


Power of the singular value matrix assigned to the left singular vectors, i.e. the constructs.


Power of the singular value matrix assigned to the right singular vectors, i.e. the elements.


Additional parameters for be passed to biplotPseudo3d().

See also


if (FALSE) {
# See examples in [biplotPseudo3d()] as the same arguments
# can used for this function.