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OpenRepGrid 0.1.15

  • rgl installation is now optional (close #41)
  • rename ward method to ward.D in cluster (fix #36)
  • indexDDI and indexUncertainty, two dispersion indexes for dependency (e.g., situation-resource) grids added. Jon Raskin kindly helped with the documentation.

OpenRepGrid 0.1.14

CRAN release: 2023-05-16

  • remove TCLTK import. No interactive windows any more.
  • move CI/CD from Travis to github actions
  • resolve conflicts while loading packages
  • update docs for indexPolarity
  • reverse as alternative to swapPoles
  • indexBieri: Bieri index of cognitive complexity
  • matches: count rating matches in pairs of constructs and elements
  • reorder method to invert construct and/or element order
  • dilemmatic construct (indexDilemmatic)
  • polarization measure (indexPolarization)
  • new print option for indexIntensity
  • normalize argument in distance and indexSelfConstruction
  • plot method for indexDilemma to produce network graphs
  • add logo to documentation
  • cognitive self construction: self vs. ideal vs. others (indexSelfConstruction)
  • addAvgElement to add an average element
  • rep method for regrid objects creates gridlist
  • summary measures for indexDilemma (PID, IID, PICID)
  • midpoint function (alias for getScaleMidpoint)
  • print method for indexDilemma
  • fix indexDilemma output bug (#17, thanks to José Antonio González Del Puerto aka @MindCartographer)
  • perturbation of grid ratings by perturbate and grids_perturbate
  • indexPvaff now uses PCA of construct centered raw data in line with biplot (and Gridcor)
  • allow blanks at end of line after tags in importTxt
  • grids_leave_n_out and grids_bootstrap for resampling constructs
  • gridlist class, a simple list of repgrid objects

OpenRepGrid 0.1.13

  • indexDilemma was improved and fixed (thanks to Diego Vitali aka @artoo-git)
  • biplot2d does now hide construct points as default setting (cex=0)
  • setting a rating value outside the defined scale range now throws an error
  • ‘ratings’ to access and replace grid ratings added
  • ‘elements’ added to get and set element names replaces ‘getElementNames’ and ‘eNames’ which have become deprecated.
  • ‘constructs’, ‘leftpoles’, and ‘rightpoles’ added to get and set construct poles replace ‘getConstructNames’ and ‘cNames’ which have become deprecated.

OpenRepGrid 0.1.11

  • saveAsExcel to save grids as Microsoft Excel files
  • replace xlsx by openxlsx to import Excel files to get rid of JRE dependency

OpenRepGrid 0.1.10

CRAN release: 2017-02-24

  • indexDilemma: improved implicative dilemmas (thanks to Alejandro García, (#24, @j4n7)
  • changelog file as place for documenting changes removed. All changes now in NEWS

OpenRepGrid 0.1.9

CRAN release: 2014-09-07

  • align parameter added to cluster
  • importTxt will now erase empty lines
  • changed default settings for implicative dilemmas
  • dependency on xlsx removed (issue #15)

OpenRepGrid 0.1.8

CRAN release: 2013-06-14

  • importGridstat can now import multigrid files
  • bug fix in importTxt: negative values are read in again

OpenRepGrid 0.1.7

CRAN release: 2013-05-26

  • print functions for most grid indexes added, former output argument no longer exists
  • settings function added. Settings can now be modified, saved and loaded
  • clusterBoot function for p-values in cluster analysis
  • functions by topic overview documentation
  • bindConstructs can now take many grids and/or lists of grids as arguments. Element names are now matched and reordered automatically
  • ‘+’ can now be used to concatenated two grids or list of grids
  • importExcel function added
  • importTxt: ratings and range can now have an arbitrary number of blanks or tabs between the values. The characters - (minus) and ? (question mark) are read in as missing values (NA). The file extensions .TXT (capitals) is now recognized
  • clusterBoot added:implementation of pvclust functions

OpenRepGrid 0.1.6

CRAN release: 2012-04-05

  • biplot functions fixed. They work again.

OpenRepGrid 0.1.5

CRAN release: 2011-07-23

  • First release version available on CRAN.
  • method dim to return size of a grid. A simple wrapper around getNoOfConstructs and getNoOfElements
  • package description updated
  • prob argument in distanceXXX functions added
  • bug in makeRepgrid corrected: ratings now read by row

OpenRepGrid 0.1.4

  • demo added
  • bug corrected in importScivesco
  • changed package description
  • prob parameter: randomGrid(s), quasiDistributionDistanceSlater (dev)
  • distanceNormalized

OpenRepGrid 0.1.3

  • permuteConstructs (dev)
  • update openrepgrid-internal
  • permuteGrid (dev)
  • update zzz
  • corrected COLLATION order

OpenRepGrid 0.1.2

  • polishing of console output for several functions:
  • constructCor
  • elementCor
  • statsConstructs
  • statsElements
  • distance
  • alignByLoadings
  • some others might have been changed (undocumented)

OpenRepGrid 0.1.1

New Features

  • indexConflict1: unbalanced triads (Slade & Sheehan)
  • indexConflict2: unbalanced triads (Bassler et al.)
  • indexConflict3: triangle inequalities
  • indexDilemma: detect implicative dilemmas
  • data leach2001a and leach2001b

Internal changes

  • getConstructNames2
  • getElementNames2
  • formatMatrix

OpenRepGrid 0.1.0

New Features

  • Slater distance
  • Hartmann distance

OpenRepGrid 0.0.9

New Features

  • zoom argument in biplots
  • variance explained options in biplots
  • color controls in biplots for points and labels
  • no overplotting with high zoom values
  • PVAFF index
  • frames for biplot3d
  • intensity index

OpenRepGrid 0.0.8

New Features

  • construct lines in drawBiplot2d
  • saveAsTxt
  • new examples added

OpenRepGrid 0.0.7

New Features

  • updated documentation files
  • changes in addVarianceExplainedToBiplot2d
  • alignByIdeal

OpenRepGrid 0.0.6

New Features

  • biplot3d (new version)
  • biplotEsa2d
  • biplotEsa3d
  • biplotSlater2d
  • biplotSlater3d
  • home

OpenRepGrid 0.0.5

New Features

  • center
  • normalize

OpenRepGrid 0.0.4

New Features

  • not documented

OpenRepGrid 0.0.3

New Features:

  • distance
  • importGridsuite
  • importScivesco
  • importGridstat
  • importGridcor
  • importTxt
  • constructSomers i.e. Somers’ d
  • getRatingLayers (internal function)
  • cluster (for constructs)
  • data feixas2004
  • data fbb2003
  • constructRmsCor
  • constructPca

OpenRepGrid 0.0.2

  • Several new Features

OpenRepGrid 0.0.1

  • First version (2010-12-03)