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The ESA is a special type of biplot suggested by Raeithel (e.g. 1998). It uses midpoint centering as a default. Note that the eigenstructure analysis is just a special case of a biplot that can also be produced using the biplot2d() function with the arguments center=4, g=1, h=1. Here, only the arguments that are modified for the ESA biplot are described. To see all the parameters that can be changed see biplot2d() and biplotPseudo3d().


biplotEsaPseudo3d(x, center = 4, g = 1, h = 1, ...)



repgrid object.


Numeric. The type of centering to be performed. 0= no centering, 1= row mean centering (construct), 2= column mean centering (elements), 3= double-centering (construct and element means), 4= midpoint centering of rows (constructs). Eigenstructure analysis uses midpoint centering (4).


Power of the singular value matrix assigned to the left singular vectors, i.e. the constructs. Eigenstructure analysis uses g=1.


Power of the singular value matrix assigned to the right singular vectors, i.e. the elements. Eigenstructure analysis uses h=1.


Additional parameters for be passed to biplotPseudo3d().

See also


if (FALSE) {
# See examples in [biplotPseudo3d()] as the same arguments
# can used for this function.