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Import Gridsuite data files.


importGridsuite(file, dir = NULL)



Filename including path if file is not in current working directory. File can also be a complete URL. The fileformat is .dat.


Alternative way to supply the directory where the file is located (default NULL).


A single repgrid object in case one file and a list of repgrid objects in case multiple files are imported.


The developers of Gridsuite have proposed to use an XML scheme as a standard exchange format for repertory grid data (Walter, Bacher & Fromm, 2004).

TODO: The element and construct IDs are not used yet. Thus, if the output should be in different order the current mechanism will cause false assignments.


Walter, O. B., Bacher, A., & Fromm, M. (2004). A proposal for a common data exchange format for repertory grid data.Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 17(3), 247. doi:10.1080/10720530490447167


if (FALSE) {

# supposing that the data file gridsuite.xml is in the current directory
file <- "gridsuite.xml"
rg <- importGridsuite(file)

# specifying a directory (arbitrary example directory)
dir <- "/Users/markheckmann/data"
rg <- importGridsuite(file, dir)

# using a full path
rg <- importGridsuite("/Users/markheckmann/data/gridsuite.xml")