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Reads the file format that is used by the latest version of the grid program gridstat (Bell, 1998).


importGridstat(file, dir = NULL, min = NULL, max = NULL)



Filename including path if file is not in current working directory. File can also be a complete URL. The fileformat is .dat.


Alternative way to supply the directory where the file is located (default NULL).


Optional argument (numeric, default NULL) for minimum rating value in grid.


Optional argument (numeric, default NULL) for maximum rating value in grid.


A single repgrid object in case one file and a list of repgrid objects in case multiple files are imported.


Note that the gridstat data format does not contain explicit information about the range of the rating scale used (minimum and maximum). By default the range is inferred by scanning the ratings and picking the minimal and maximal values as rating range. You can set the minimal and maximal value by hand using the min and max arguments or by using the setScale() function. Note that if the rating range is not set, it may cause several functions to not work properly. A warning will be issued if the range is not set explicitly when using the importing function.

The function only reads data from the latest GridStat version. The latest version allows the separation of the left and right pole by using on of the following symbols /:- (hyphen, colon and dash). Older versions may not separate the left and right pole. This will cause all labels to be assigned to the left pole only when importing. You may fix this by simply entering one of the construct separator symbols into the GridStat file between each left and right construct pole.

The third line of a GridStat file may contain a no labels statement (i.e. a line containing any string of 'NOLA', 'NO L', 'NoLa', 'No L', 'Nola', 'No l', 'nola' or 'no l'). In this case only ratings are supplied, hence, default names are assigned to elements and constructs.


Bell, R. C. (1998) GRIDSTAT: A program for analyzing the data of a repertory grid. Melbourne: Author.


if (FALSE) {

# supposing that the data file gridstat.dat is in the current working directory
file <- "gridstat.dat"
rg <- importGridstat(file)

# specifying a directory (example)
dir <- "/Users/markheckmann/data"
rg <- importGridstat(file, dir)

# using a full path (example)
rg <- importGridstat("/Users/markheckmann/data/gridstat.dat")

# setting rating scale range
rg <- importGridstat(file, dir, min = 1, max = 6)