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The OpenRepGrid package provides tools for the analysis of repertory grid data. The repertory grid is a method devised by George Alexander Kelly in his seminal work "The Psychology of Personal Constructs" published in 1955. The repertory grid has been used in and outside the context of Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) in a broad range of fields. For an introduction into the technique see e.g. Fransella, Bell and Bannister (2003).


To get started with OpenRepGrid visit the project's home under On this site you will find tutorials, explanation about the theory, the analysis methods and the corresponding R code.

To see how to cite the OpenRepGrid package, type citation("OpenRepGrid") into the R console.


Fransella, F., Bell, R. C., & Bannister, D. (2003). A Manual for Repertory Grid Technique (2. Ed.). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.

Kelly, G. A. (1955). The psychology of personal constructs. Vol. I, II. New York: Norton, (2nd printing: 1991, Routledge, London, New York).


  • Maintainer: Mark Heckmann (@markheckmann)

  • Contributors: Richard C. Bell, Alejandro García Gutiérrez (@j4n7), Diego Vitali (@artoo-git), José Antonio González Del Puerto (@MindCartographer), Jonathan D. Raskin

  • How to contribute: You can contribute in various ways. The OpenRepGrid code is hosted on GitHub, where you can issue bug reports or feature requests. You may email your request to the package maintainer.