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Installing R and RStudio

  • The prerequisite for installing the OpenRepGrid package is that R has been installed on your computer. R can be downloaded from here for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

  • RStudio is a program that makes it easier to handle R. You can download it from here.

For both programs please follow the installation instructions on the websites.

Installing the OpenRepGrid package

The easiest way to install the OpenRepGrid package is from within RStudio. Select the tab Packages -> Install and type in OpenRepGrid.

Alternatively you may also use the R command line to install the package. Just type in the following code:


Video tutorial

Development version

The version of the package hosted on CRAN is a checked release. The latest development version is hosted at github. To install the latest version with the features currently under development you need to follow three steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of R installed.
  2. Make sure the following packages are installed. If not install them by typing
install.packages(c("colorspace", "plyr", "abind", "rgl", "psych", "XML"))
  1. To download and install the OpenRepGrid development version from github you can use a function from the devtools package.
install_github("OpenRepGrid", "markheckmann")